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Computer networks are becoming increasing-ly complex and difficult to manage. The re-search community has been expending a lot of efforts to come up with a general manage-ment paradigm that is able to hide the details of the physical infrastructure and enable flex-ible network management.

Networks cannot be managed without management plane communications among geographically distributed network devices and control agents. It should be noted that mechanisms used in commercial networks to support management have impairments such as plane communications are often hard to configure, insufficiently secured, and/or suboptimal in performance.


Autonomic communication; network management; security; performance; system design; implementation; Networks; management; multi-layer; multivendor; IP; interoperability.

1. Introduction

In the literature While they generally differ in terms of system organization (e.g. centralized agent, hierarchical agents, peer-to-peer agents) and control mechanisms (e.g. policy-based and bio inspired adaptation), they all aim at


forming the autonomic control loop between network devices and control agents [1].

Many commercial networks still rely on dial-up modems to access the serial console ports of routers for control which has poor performance and is clearly not self-healing nor self-optimizing.

Many networks rely on an orthogonal Ethernet network to access the special management Ethernet ports of routers for control but

Ethernet is insecure, not self-protecting, nor self-optimizing [1].

Other networks even rely on in-band connectivity to control routers (i.e. control communication is mixed with user data communication and relies on the very same IP routing tables) which is dangerous as it risks losing remote access with no recourse if the router is accidentally misconfigured [4].

1.1 Element Management Layer in the Network Management

The purpose of this paper is to describe and provide status readout of the work efforts on the Element Management Layer, one aspect of the multi-layer model.

The study begins by describing various networks that the EML program targets and the functional and logical

research then focuses on the emerging architectures and the impact that they will have on business services, operations, and technology [1].

1.2 A Multi-Layer Mobility Management Architecture Using Cross-Layer Signaling Interactions

The  complexity  and  requirements  of  mobility management  (MM)  are  growing  with  the  evolution  of wireless  systems.  The  well-established  2G  (second generation)  MM  procedures  were  designed  only  for terminal  mobility  in  a  homogeneous  system.

there  are    three  types  of  high level  mobility:  service  mobility,  session  mobility  and personal mobility.

the  network layer  is  the  most  appropriate  level  to  converge heterogeneous  networks  in  an  all  IP  vision  of  the  NG so a  large  number  of  IP-based  network-layer MM  schemes existed.

the  application-layer  Session Initiation  Protocol  (SIP)  has  the  potential capabilities  to  support  the  three  high-level  mobility types  by  augmented  signaling.

Some functions of the traditional link-layer mobility support could be utilized wherever available and appropriate [2].

1.3 Trust Management and Network Layer Security Protocols

Network-layer security among mutually trusting hosts is a relatively straightforward problem to solve. In many applications, security at the network later has a number of advantages over security provided elsewhere in the protocol stack. The network layer offers a remarkable flexibility not possible at higher- or lower- abstractions.

 architectures for EML applications. These are briefly reviewed. This 


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